Creating IDM Buzzes & Glitches – Reason Tutorial

A very popular and modern style of sound being used commonly today are the IDM style glitches and buzzes you often hear in a lot of current electronica. Here is a tutorial on how to emulate some IDM glitch style effects with reason.

Firstly load some samples you are going to “glitch up”, generally go for things like snares, metallic sounding hats & cyms and perhaps some vocal samples.

Load these samples into the NN-XT and map using the right click menus “Automap zones chromatically” option.

Select all the NN-XTs sample zones and make sure the samples are changed so that their playback mode is FW-LOOP or FW-SUS and set the loop start for the each to 1-5% and end to another 1-2% longer.

You will find samples that have 1-2% section looping tend to make tuned buzz style sounds and can actually be used to play riffs on if you should so choose, those that have shorter loops ( less than 1%) usually are more click or glitch like and as such are far more useful in a percussive mode for use in drum patterns.

Now grab and vary the loop lengths of each zone, this will make for more interesting sounds. You can also modify amp envelope releases and filter parameters, which will help make everything a little less digital sounding, though a lot people want that harsh metallic edge to their glitches. idm crack

You should now have a process by which you can manipulate common or garden samples into something much more edgy and useful in IDM and glitch music, not to mention other more mainstream dance styles.

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