Essential Facts About Land Clearing You Should Be Aware Of

Whatever land endeavor you’re going to take, it is very crucial to think about the proper ways of having the area cleaned. Over the years, land clearing laws have been passed and strictly implemented across the globe as a result of various side effects to land condition such as soil erosion, dryland salinity, biodiversity, deforestation, and even climate change.  Entrümpelung Stuttgart

What is land clearing?

Land clearing, as defined these days, is not simply the removal of trees and other vegetation in an area to pave the way for other land uses like agriculture or urbanization. With the regulations on such activity, the term can now be defined as the responsible method of removing obstacles such as trees, stumps, bushes, and even stones from a certain area to improve farming operation or to accommodate urban developments.

The task also involves the efficient management of slash, also called harvest residue, or the fine woody debris such as needles, branches, or log chucks that have been generated after logging operations.

What are the methods of land clearing?

There are different methods implemented and each varies according to the type and amount of slash to be cleaned or removed. Therefore, you should also know the proper ways of managing slash, whether you need to stack, burn, or spread them. When it comes to clearing, there are generally three ways.

Manual Clearing

This is also known as hand clearing as it requires the use of hands with tools like axes, hoes, and cutlasses. While this is considered the safest and the most cost-effective method, it only works pretty well with smaller and less wooded areas. If not, then it can be very time-consuming and expensive.

Mechanical Clearing

This method is generally ideal for larger areas where heavy machines like bulldozers are utilized to clear the area in just a short amount of time. Service providers will usually have the right equipment for certain areas with rocks and boulders as well as machines for pushing over trees, ripping out roots and even stumps.

Chemical Clearing

This method is usually employed for soil preparation and planting. Chemicals are used, either through total chemical spray or aerial chemical spray, to eliminate weeds and make the soil suitable for planting crops.

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