Real Online Residual Income

Real Online Residual Income is the underlying reason why most people come to the internet for creating wealth. Internet marketing is helping to create real online residual income and many people are creating better and more abundant lifestyles because of opportunities created online. Residual income is the dream of most because of the word “residual” meaning that from the result of a certain action, you can benefit over and over again from that action. multiple income funnel review

There are many ways to generate real online income and we will discuss the most popular ways to do so. For many starting out, finances can be a concern so we will look at no cost and low cost ways to move yourself towards making money online. You can ask anyone and they SHOULD tell you that article marketing is the best free and low cost method of generating traffic. Getting the most exposure to you and your offers will lead to online residual income.

Article marketing IS the best way for beginners and those with limited financial resources to get started. I recommend a little system that combines using article directories (EzineArticles) and an autoresponder (GetResponse). When article marketing, it is best to do keyword research first then write and post your articles. I am not going to go into much detail here about keyword research or article marketing here, but you can find out more at my blog. Believe me when I say that the combination of these two will have you on your way to earning online income. You post your articles and in your author resource bio box you can leave your autoresponder e-mail address. Ex: Changa Gorham support @

Autoresponders, like article marketing, are an essential element in ANY internet marketing campaign. Reason being, this is your communication link between you and your customers. Autoresponders allow you to also train your downline via video lessons, e-mail follow up lessons, and timely newsletters. After people read your articles and follow your autoresponder link, you can then get them in your income funnel. Once in your funnel, you can then start to cultivate the relationships and build the trust needed to earn real online residual income.

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